Supporting our children’s mental health needs requires both individual actions within our immediate networks and city-wide actions to shift the way we - as a community - address mental health issues. Together, we can create a resilient community where mental health services are accessible, affordable, and appropriate for every Alamedan.

Who Can I Contact for Immediate Help?

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, click here for a list of intervention services. If someone is in an immediate crisis and is in danger of harming themselves or others, call 9-1-1 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255).

What Can You Do?

As individuals, there are a number of steps we can take within our immediate networks to support our children’s mental health needs:

  • Share the Let’s Talk! Alameda campaign, its message and resources with friends, extended family, neighbors, and other community members

  • Normalize the conversations around mental health as part of a person’s entire well-being 

  • Participate in a Mental Health First Aid training to better support a youth in need (similar to being certified in Red Cross First Aid)

  • Attend community events on mental health and well-being to learn more about the importance of mental health services

What Can We Do as a Community?

As a community, we can take collective action to provide resources and education for individuals on the importance of providing mental health services. From showing solidarity to hosting public events for the community, there are a number of highly visible ways we can support mental health in Alameda:

  • Hang Let’s Talk! Alameda’s posters in home or business windows

  • Host community events on the importance of mental health (click here for a Calendar of Events)

    • For example: 

      • Poetry/open-mic night on mental health and well-being

      • Book reading and signing dedicated to mental health and well-being

      • Talks, panels, or town halls with mental and behavioral health professionals and advocates to speak at places of worship, social clubs (Elks, Rotary, etc.), or businesses 

  • Support and/or host community events during May’s Mental Health Awareness Month and September’s Suicide Prevention Week

  • Sponsor a Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Advocate for better access to mental health services with local, state, and national campaigns:

    • Let’s Talk! Alameda

    • Each Mind Matters

    • Know the Signs - Suicide Prevention

  • Support local efforts to hire more school therapists